Automated Social Media Content for your Insurance Agency

  • Insurance-specific content
  • Scheduled for the whole year
  • Published automatically
  • 100s of stylish posts

  • Life Insurance
  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Disability

Your social media plan created automatically

You simply pick topics & events during sign up, and watch your practice’s social media plan come alive. As Social Jazz learns what works best for your business, it will provide suggestions that keep your plan fresh and your social media active.

Simple to search & find all kinds of content

Insurance specific posts… check. Common holidays and occasions… yep. Popular events… that too.

The Social Jazz Posts Catalog has all kinds of content to share so your social media reflects your company identity & brand. Simple to search and discover posts that make your social media pop.

Toggle on stylish social media posts

Leave the job of content creation to Social Jazz and you'll get engaging posts automatically designed with enticing images, well-written text, and relevant hashtags — just toggle on.

Edit to make your own

Choose from three styles of posts — photo, illustrated, text, or let Social Jazz use all three to enhance your social media variety.

Be present, stay active

Customers trust you more when you're active on social media. With Social Jazz, you simply pick topics & events from a catalog, and watch your practice’s social media feeds come alive.

Make your social media a snap.

Want to post to multiple platforms? It’s so easy! Social Jazz will design specifically for and publish across major social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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